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A fun simple game that consist on pairing buttons based on their color & pattern.


How to play

  • The game area is populated with buttons and you want to have as few buttons as possible until the game area is full.
  • Buttons are the game elements and are of different color & design pattern.
  • The idea is to pair them by the same color & pattern.
  • By tapping on a button you will know that, since it start shaking.
  • Tapping on an other button with the same color & pattern will cut them.
  • Cutting the paired buttons will release the game area and make room for other buttons to come.

Game difficulty & levels

  • Difficulty of the game is determined by the scores you actually have.
  • For each +100 scores buttons are starting to come a little faster.
  • For each +100 scores buttons have a +3% probability to flip over and the player must flip them back to see their color & pattern.

The fun

  • The more scores you reach the better player you are.
  • Share your max scores with friends by going to the main game splash screen.
  • Have fun & enjoy the game :).


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